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Refreshing and Reviving Your Home During the Pandemic

Back in March 2020, the world changed. Shelter-in-place orders meant a slew of professionals began telecommuting full-time, and children started attending school virtually. In the end, it meant a ton of time spent at home.

Today, the pandemic is still a concern. However, people are increasingly looking for ways to breathe new life into their houses. For those making major home improvements, it’s a good idea to keep all the paperwork – like invoices, estimates and receipts – organized and in one place. Consider digitizing your documents and use Adobe Acrobat to combine PDFs into one file.

Whether the projects are big or small, if you want to refresh and revive your home during the pandemic The Coffey Group suggests some simple ways to begin.

Improve Air Quality

During the winter, most homeowners keep their windows shut. Couple that with heaters, and the air in your home can seem quite stale. If you want to improve your air quality, replace your air filters. You can go with HEPA filters if you want the best experience, though anything with high MERV ratings can also help.

You’ll also want to have your chimney swept and inspected this winter. Soot and debris can harm air quality, especially if blockages push smoke back into your home. Plus, the buildup is a fire hazard. notes that chimney sweeping costs between $129 to $378, depending on the exact services. However, it’s worth the price as you’ll know that soot, debris, and blockages aren’t an issue and that your chimney is free of structural problems or other concerns.

Create Logical Separations

If you’re still working from home full-time, having a separate home office is a wise move. It allows you to set boundaries between your personal and professional life, reducing stress and improving work-life balance. Plus, it’ll help you stay focused during work hours since you’ll experience fewer distractions.

Creating a new home office is simple if you have a spare bedroom or bonus room that you can convert. However, if you don’t, you do have options. Whether it’s converting a basement or attic, building an addition, or creating a separate small building in your yard that’s solely for work, the right professional contractor can make it happen.

Go with a Fresh Coat of Paint

One project that’s usually pretty simple to DIY is painting. By updating the wall color in your home, you can completely change the vibe of a space. Soothing colors like blue and green could create a more relaxing atmosphere.

If you aren’t sure what color to choose, start with a test spot. That way, you can see it on your walls and observe how the hue may shift as lighting conditions change during the day. You could also go with a single accent wall instead of painting a whole room. That’s an easy way to introduce bolder colors without overwhelming your space.

However, even adding a new coat of your current color makes a difference. Walls can get dingy or fade over time. You get a fresh start with your favorite color by repainting, making your home feel cleaner and revived.

Consider the Financial Side

In 2020, households spent around $420 billion on home improvements, according to CBS Los Angeles. However, that doesn’t mean every project had a solid ROI. If you choose the wrong projects and decide to sell soon, you could end up losing money.

Ideally, you want to consider buyer needs and preferences if selling your house is part of your plan. That way, you can add features today’s buyers want, making your property more attractive. Also, make sure to take before and after photos and keep any receipts from the updates. That way, you can use them to show the value of your improvements.

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Image via: Pexels
Article by: Erin Reynolds