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Home Repair Projects That Will Raise Your Home’s Value

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Facade Improvements 

Curb appeal can give your home a huge edge when selling. 


  • Install and maintain attractive landscaping to make sure your space gives a fresh, welcoming first impression. 
  • Consider painting your front door a bold, attractive color. 
  • Poorly functioning gutters can make your facade look dingy. Find a local cleaning service to handle the issue, but make sure to explore client recommendations and compare estimates from several contractors before you settle on one.



Major renovations may not pay off, but simple changes can go a long way: 


  • Buyers tend to look for large, usable kitchen sinks, so consider replacing yours if it doesn’t fit the bill. 
  • Bathtub looking dingy? You can have it refinished without going through the trouble (and cost) of a full replacement. 
  • Consider certain additions, like a home office, that will benefit you while also raising your home’s appraisal value.
  • Even something as minor as upgrading hardware, like drawer pulls and doorknobs, can give your space a fresher feel. 
  • Install a wall mount range hood to improve the air quality in your kitchen.


Creating Special Spaces 

Give your home that special something that captures buyers’ imaginations: 



These projects are great picks because you can achieve them on a budget and they improve your home’s eventual sales price. If you’re ever unsure if a particular project will (or won’t) pay off, consider talking to a contractor or real estate pro for industry insight. We hope this article helps you figure out your home repair to-do list!