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Don’t Get In Over Your Head; Avoid These Diy Projects

DIY projects

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Don’t Get in Over Your Head; Avoid These DIY Projects

You might feel comfortable swinging a hammer, rolling a paint roller, and tightening screws, but no matter how handy you are, there are some projects better left to the pros. But which projects should you DIY to save money, and which projects should you find a professional to complete? Before you grab your toolbox, check out these DIY don’ts, courtesy of the Coffey Group.

What’s the Trouble Underfoot?

If your hardwood floors are looking a little drab, you can probably just Buff And Recoat them to bring back their old shine. However, when there are stains and extensive damage involved, they need more TLC than that.

While it might be tempting to try restoring damaged floors to their previous glory yourself, The Flooring Girl Warns it’s all too easy to end up with a job that looks, well, like you did it yourself. Not only do you lack the experience and skills a contractor has, but you also don’t have access to the high-quality equipment a professional will use.

There are a few factors that will affect how much you spend on the project. How big the room is, the condition of the floors, and the actual type of wood will weigh into the final cost. To give you a general idea, the average hardwood refinishing job costs homeowners between $1,074 To $2,000. The average cost per square foot runs from $3.25 to $5.00. Costs can vary depending on the size of the project and the cost of labor in your area.

Assess Problems Overhead

Your home’s roof is its first defense against the weather, and when something is amiss, it can quickly lead to some costly Consequences. One major contributor to roof damage are trees that topple due to old age or during severe weather, so if you have large trees near your roof, contact a tree removal company for recommendations on what should be trimmed or fully taken out. It’s best to Work With A Pro, and the price of this project will vary depending on the size of the trees you need removed and how close they are to your home. Angi recommends you budget a Minimum Of $1,600, and for any tree removal company you interview for a quote, ask for a cost breakdown to find out if it includes removal, disposal, and stump grinding.

While tree removal may seem like a hefty expense, it’s well worth it to be proactive in protecting your roof. ProCraft Exteriors warns that a leaking roof can cause mold growth, structural damage, and possibly even a fire hazard. The sooner a roof repair is made, the better.

In order to save both time and money, many homeowners try to tackle roof repairs themselves. However, there are several Reasons to hire a professional to patch your roof. Pros have access to the materials and tools that are best for accomplishing the work. What’s more, trying to work at heights you aren’t used to while trying to lug heavy shingles and tools you don’t normally carry can become a recipe for Disaster.

Rather than risking your own safety by taking the task on yourself, hire a roofing contractor. In the process of trying to fix your roof, you could end up causing more damage. You could spend money on the materials only for it to be unsuccessful. Ultimately, steering clear of an accident is plenty of reason to pay for a pro.

Damage Down Under

Your home’s foundation works hand-in-hand with the roof. This protects you from inclement weather, while the foundation provides the ongoing stability to hold everything together. Therefore, when your foundation is compromised, just like when your roof is damaged, it’s incredibly important to get things back up to par.

Foundation repairs are Best Left to the pros. If you make a misjudgment, you could create further damage, ultimately reducing your home’s market value. Additionally, just like roofs and hardwood floors, foundations require specialized knowledge and equipment. And in case you still aren’t convinced, you could seriously hurt yourself if you don’t know how to properly repair a foundation.

Foundation repairs vary in cost based on the work being completed and the size of the job. You speak with a structural engineer. These professionals can determine the extent of the damage.

There are Plenty Of DIY Projects well-suited to the average homeowner. However, when specialized tools or expertise and hazards come into play, you should hire a pro. It’s the best way to protect your home, your wallet, and yourself.

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