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Buyer Beware: Common Home Problems And How To Address Them

Common Home Problems And How To Address Them

Buyer Beware: Common Home Problems and How to Address Them

Looking for the perfect new home? Unfortunately, it may not exist. Even if you build a new home, you’re bound to come across issues that need a little tweaking to be truly perfect. That’s why it pays to have an experienced realtor like Brandy Coffey by your side, but it’s also helpful to have a few key resources to help you tell the difference between minor and major issues. So before you start searching for your new home, be sure to review these resources.

A Lack of Resources

  • Sometimes tap water in a new home is subpar, but there are ways to check it.
  • If you’re concerned about the quality of tap water in your new home, know that there are steps you can take to improve it.
  • Slow internet can be another top concern but you may be able to boost your connection.
  • Learning to love your new home can put many of those worries and wants to rest.

Outdated Home Features

  • If you’re thinking about buying an old fixer-upper that has a lot of issues, you need to weigh the potential pros and cons before you make an offer.
  • But oftentimes, simple and inexpensive updates can make a huge difference.
  • Just keep in mind that certain updates, like replacing old windows, can be more costly.
  • Fence fixes are another concern, especially if you have pets or kids. Find a fence installer who’s received good reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Finding a reliable contractor can make addressing larger repairs and updates easier.

Normal Wear and Tear

  • If you are interested in a home but it needs repairs, you may be able to negotiate repairs with sellers before you make your final offer.
  • Otherwise you will need to take care of common wear and tear problems on your own.
  • DIY repairs and updates can keep costs low, but some projects are best left to pros.

Serious Structural Issues

  • If you spot any of these red flags when touring homes, including rotted wood or strange odors, you may want to think twice about making an offer.
  • For example, strange smells can be an indicator of a serious mold problem.
  • Cracks and gaps can be signs that a home has some foundation issues.
  • Buying a home with serious issues could limit your options for a home loan.

Spotting issues with a new location or home doesn’t have to send you running. You just need to know which repairs you can easily fix and which should indeed give you second thoughts.

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