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Since Karrie was a teen, she has enjoyed project management. Juggling all the pieces of a project and making sure things were completed correctly and on time is why she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Karrie and her family moved to Florida in 2011, renting for a year while her husband settled into working in Florida. After the year was up, they purchased a Florida home of their own. After speaking to the Realtor that helped with the purchase their Florida home, Karrie decided real estate was the perfect career that would allow her to use her passion and skills. Not only would she be able to use her project management skills to make sure all aspects of a home purchase / sale happened in a timely manner, her attention to detail would also come in handy when it came to getting things done correctly.

Karrie has been in real estate since 2012, and as such, has experience working with first-time, investment, and 2nd home buyers, as well as sellers looking to make a change.

Karrie perfectly blends listening to spoken and unspoken requirements, knowledge of the area, technology, and her business degree to make sure all aspects of a home’s sale or purchase are done in a timely fashion and with attention given to even the minutest detail. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will research till she knows she’s given the most thorough answer she can.

Karrie is married and has two children. When not helping home buyers or sellers (or not shuttling her kids), Karrie likes to watch sunsets at the beach, read, garden, bake, and knit.